The villages of Valtenesi on Lake Garda are 7, each one with its own Castle, that we suggest you visit, in order to rediscover the charm of Lake Garda history and nature, sometimes "hidden" by the modern buildings.

Puegnago del Garda Castle
Probably built between the IX and the X century, the castle dominating the village is now a ruin of a fort with irregular plan following the hillock shape. The walls are simple, built with cobbles of different sizes, irregularly arranged.

Polpenazze del Garda Castle
It was built in the X century to defend against Hungarian invasions. You can see now the ruins next to the ancient village of Polpenazze, from which you can enjoy a wonderful panorama on the Lake and the hinterland.

Padenghe del Garda Castle
Built between the IX and the X century it is situated on a panoramic hill with a breath-taking view on Lake Garda. Within the walls, along cobbled paths, there are some recently restored houses.

Moniga del Garda Castle
Dated back to the X century it is one of the best preserved fort of the whole Lake Garda. The walls enclose a nice burg with orderly homes; it is possible to go for a walk there, eat an ice-cream or drink an aperitif in the inside bar.

Soiano del Lago Castle
It is a massive fortified complex on a rise dominating the Valtenesi. During the summer the ancient walls host concerts, shows and historical commemorations.

San Felice del Benaco Castle
The ancient Castle ruins are in the old town centre, where you can see also the municipal building and the ex "Monte di Pietà", an elegant building from Veneto, with an arcade.

Manerba del Garda Castle
In the old town centre there is now only the Tower, convergence point of a halo connecting the towers of all the villages. But the most important Valtenesi Castle, rose in the XII/XIII century on the ruins of a "dark ages" fort, was anchored to "Rocca di Manerba". Only the ground is now visible but you can't miss a trip and a visit in the surrounding archaeological and natural park.

Other Castles

A few kilometers far from our Holiday Home there is Desenzano del Garda Castle dominating the town, rose to defend against barbarian invasions and rebuilt in the XV century. You can see today the walls with 4 towers, and the doorway with lift bridge ruins. The recent walls restoration allows a visit inside; from there you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panorama on Lake Garda.

In the end, we suggest you visit the wonderful Rocca di Lonato del Garda, on the top of one of southern Lake Garda drumlin hills. From the Rocca you can enjoy different marvelous glimpses on the Lake. Restaurant-pizzeria inside. It is possible to visit Rocca together with "Casa del Podestà", for more information:

Casa Vacanze il Melograno is located in a strategic point, just in the middle of Valtenesi, but not far from the Lake: stay in one of our apartments in order to rediscover Lake Garda Charm; as of this year you can try also our MTB guided Tour!

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